Kristin Lora Retriever Dogs Silber - Ohrringe

Kristin Lora Retriever Dogs Silber - Ohrringe
Größe: 2cm x 1.5cm - Gesamtgewicht: 5 g

Beautiful Charming Dog Earrings in a Rectangular Frame from the whimsy of Kristin Lora.
In the style of a Retriever or Labrador

The dogs 2.25cm long.

The earrings are 2cm x 1.5cm

The are burnished silver with resin characters. The pieces will benefit from a fresh polish from the new owner.

These are ex stock from a closed art gallery and will benefit from a fresh polish.

Kristin Lora has been designing and making jewelry and art objects for over 30 years and her jewelry is known for its clean, uncomplicated and contemporary lines. The imagery tends to be scaled-down replications of objects she is familiar with such as vehicles, creatures and invented objects. Bold lines and an up-front whimsy prevail.

Tiny toys and three-dimensional sculptural jewelry are her favorite avenues of creation. She loves the intimate scale that this work provides both as the maker and as a viewer, and she loves watching the reaction of discovery when others notice the tiny and unexpected details within her pieces.

Inspired by bold shapes and forms, objects, color and movement, Kristin designs unique jewelry, small sculpture and objects to flatter and entertain. These items are created using precious and non-precious materials, such as gold, silver, gemstones, found objects, glass and many other items.

The artists’ statement reads "I am very sensitive to shapes, textures, and finishes, and view everything I see in terms of references for my work. I collect objects, new and used, and keep them in my studio for inspiration, and they often sit on my shelves until an idea just comes to me one day. I like movement and enjoy creating the mechanisms that allow for it. Humor is important in my work and my life, a very direct humor that is slightly bemused. What I like best is creating something that has never existed before."

Kristin Lora Retriever Dogs
2cm x 1.5cm
5 g
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