Kostis Bacharidis - 925 Silber, Titan - Ring

Kostis Bacharidis - 925 Silber, Titan - Ring
Größe: 53 - Gesamtgewicht: 6 g

▪ Handmade
▪ Materials: sterling silver, titanium
▪ Length: 3.7cm / 1.45in
▪ Width: 2.1cm / 0.82in
▪ Total weight: 6.00g
▪ Size: 53

This statement arty ring reminds the deep blue color of the sea and a rainbow in the sky after storm. The artist combined sterling silver and titanium metals to create this unique design. It is totally handmade and was crafted for a jewelry exhibition. The metallic blue colour of the titanium metal is given by a burning procedure and it is surely stunning. The ring measures about 3.7cm / 1.45in in length and 2,1cm / 0.82in in width and it is 53 finger size.

Seller’s story
Kostis Bacharidis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece where he currently lives and works as jewellery designer. He has been designing and making contemporary and modern jewellery since 2012. He graduated in 2006 from the Department of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology of the University of Thessaly but his true love for arts and creativity led him to gold and silversmithing. He completed his art studies at Institute of Vocation named "Mokume" in Thessaloniki at 2015. Today in his workshop he transforms various metals into modern jewellery, giving each one a unique identity. He uses mainly silver, gold and natural stones while in his work stands out the fossil collection. All of his jewellery is totally handmade and cannot easily be found in the world of mass produced merchandise.

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Silber, Titan
Feingehalt des Materials
Kostis Bacharidis
6 g
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