H. Clark - Introduction to Heraldry - 1794

H. Clark - Introduction to Heraldry - 1794
Heraldik - Anzahl: 1 - tipped in plate- Illustration - Buch

An eighteenth-century guide to genealogy. The first part contains a dictionary of technical terms, while the second part explains the use of coats of arms and blazons. Illustrated with numerous engraved plates, depicting different aspects of heraldry.
With beautiful and very detailed engravings of armours, flags, coats of arms, crowns, etc.

Heraldry is a broad term, which includes the design, display and study of coats of arms, as well as related disciplines, such as vexillology, along with the study of ceremony, rank and pedigree.

A brief and easy introduction to heraldry in which all the most useful terms are displayed clearly and alphabetically; with the use and dignity of coats of arms, the manners of tournaments, crusades, tombs and monuments: also the rules of the coat of arms and Marshal's armour. With a concise method of sketching and blazoning weapons, now in practice among heralds, heraldists and engravers.

Explained in a familiar way so that a person can know at first sight which branch of the family has died; with a large number of elegant copper plates, containing over eight hundred examples, collected by ancient and modern authors.

Much expanded edition with the addition of two hundred examples, well engraved; and an appendix containing the privileges of the lords of England, taken from the latest edition of Guillim's heraldry exhibition. And an account of the Garter, the Bath, the Thistle and all the different Orders of Europe.

Part I: The use of coats of arms and blazons, rules of blazons with engraved plates. A dictionary of heraldry, with an alphabetical list of terms in English, French and Latin; also the different degrees of nobility in England, with tables of precedence. Dictionary of technical terms used in the Science of Heraldry, it explains many wonderful terms from 'Abatements' ("certain signs of dishonour added to the coat of arms for some inappropriate action committed by the bearer"), to cockatrice, merillion, scruttle, vervel and wyvern.

Blue half leather binding, restored. Pp. viii 325 [48], with 40 tipped-in plates. Seventh edition with considerable improvements.
Clean and clear text block, firmly set in its binding.

Full title:
A Short and Easy Introduction to Heraldry, in Two Parts. Embellished with 40 Copper-Plates
Clark, Hugh; Wormull, Thomas
Printed for C. and G. Kearsley, London, 1794.

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Autor/ Illustrator
H. Clark
Introduction to Heraldry
Erscheinungsjahr (ältestes Objekt)
Bebilderte Ausgabe
C. and G. Kearsley, London
tipped in plate- Illustration
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175×113 mm
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