Buffon - Oeuvres complètes (12 Voll. in 4° grande) - 1855

Buffon - Oeuvres complètes (12 Voll. in 4° grande) - 1855
Biologie, Ornithologie, Wissenschaft (allgemein) - Anzahl: 12 - Per Hand eingefärbte Illustrationen - Buch

Full title:
Oeuvres complètes
Avec la nomenclature Linnéenne et la classification de Cuvier.
Buffon, Georges-Louis Leclerc de / ‎Flourens, Pierre (1794-1867) ‎
Révisé sur l'édition in-quarto de l'Imprimerie Royale et annoté par Flourens.
Paris: Garnier, c. 1855.

Large colour plates by Edouard Traviès, finely coloured by hand, protected by tissue paper.
Hundreds of illustrations of the most diverse species of birds, mammals, as well as the General Theory of the Earth.
12 large volumes in red Moroccan leather, 4to; (27.5 x 19.7 cm).
Very nice copy, clear pages with vivid inks and colours, in a coeval romantic binding, very firm and intact.
Complete with 12 volumes, weight: 29 kg.

Excellent noted edition of Buffon’s complete works, in pristine condition.
Illustrated with a portrait, a title page and 162 hand-coloured plates at the time, more than 600 paintings of mammals, birds and plants, including 3 large maps.
Two volumes dedicated to birds, birds of prey, white-tailed eagles, vultures, buzzards, exotic birds, white-bellied kingfishers, parrots, parakeets, red and blue criks, pigeons, golden-banded woodpecker, etc.

The last volume includes texts by Buffon that are rarely found: preface to the translation of Hales’ book titled ‘La Statique des végétaux et l’analyse de l’air’; Experiments on plants; preface to the translation of Newton’s book titled ‘La méthode des fluxions et des suites infinies’; Essai d’arithmétique morale; Des probabilités de la durée de vie; Speech at the Académie Française.

Set bound in fine red Moroccan leather, spine with raised bands adorned with richly decorated golden friezes. Beautiful set, sturdy decorative binding. Slight signs of use, crisp and clean inside, some browning due to age. The engravings are in excellent condition, protected by flimsy paper, bright colours. Pp. 686; 668; 601: 680: 597; 586; 624; 632; 672; 572; 612; 830.

Volume 1: Théorie de la Terre; Histoire générale des Animaux (Portrait, Title page, 2 maps, 3 coloured plates) pp. 686.
Volume 2: L’Homme; Les Quadrupèdes (29 coloured drawings) pp. 668.
Volume 3: Les Quadrupèdes (30 coloured plates) pp. 601.
Volume 4: Les Singes; Additions aux Quadrupèdes (23 coloured drawings) pp. 680.
Volumes 5-8: Les Oiseaux (18, 17, 17, 17 coloured plates) pp. 597, 586, 624, 632.
Volume 9: Introduzione aux Minéraux; Époques de la Nature (6 coloured drawings) pp. 672.
Volumes 10-11: Les Minéraux, pp. 572, 612
Volume 12: Expériences sur les Végétaux, Arithmétique morale et Tables analytiques et Raisonnées des Matières contenues dans l'Ouvrage entier, pp. 830.

Georges-Louis Leclerc, Count of Buffon (1707–1788), was a French naturalist, mathematician and cosmologist. For the genius of his intuitions, he is considered the most important forerunner of Lamarck and Darwin.
The author submits the various aspects of the natural world to meticulous descriptive analysis, notes the similarities between man and monkey and the possibility of a common genealogy. The attention that Buffon reserves to internal anatomy puts him among the founders of comparative anatomy.

Buffon is best known for his major work, l’Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière, in 36 volumes, published from 1749 to 1789, of which 8 posthumously thanks to the work of the naturalist and Buffon’s pupil, Bernard Lacépède (Bernard-Germain-Étienne De La Ville-Sur-Illon, Count of Lacépède, 1756-1825).

Anzahl der Bücher
Biologie, Ornithologie, Wissenschaft (allgemein)
Autor/ Illustrator
Oeuvres complètes (12 Voll. in 4° grande)
Erscheinungsjahr (ältestes Objekt)
Bebilderte Ausgabe
Paris: Garnier
Per Hand eingefärbte Illustrationen
Anzahl der Seiten
275×197 mm
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