USA. 3 Dollars 1854-O (New Orleans Mint) Indian Princess - Scarce

USA. 3 Dollars 1854-O (New Orleans Mint) Indian Princess - Scarce
Gold - Nicht zertifiziert

1854-O $3 Gold coin (New Orleans Mint, Only year New Orleans stuck a coin in this series) - Indian Princess Obverse.
Mintage only: 24,000

1854-O was the first year the $3 gold coin was minted in the US. Furthermore, this is the only year the New Orleans Mint struck the three dollar gold coin making this issue extremely attractive to the most knowledgeable of collectors. Since most of the 24000 coins minted at the New Orleans mint went straight into circulation making attractive examples extremely hard to locate in high grades and there are only a handful of attractive, original pieces and these generally command a large premium among knowledgeable collectors. The same New Orleans mint state that the 1854-O three is 'very rare in correctly graded AU58.

This Stunning attractive piece always carries a large premium amongst the most knowledgeable collectors and is not one to miss out on.

Land/ Provinz
3 Dollars
Jahr / Periode und Variation
1854-O (New Orleans Mint) Indian Princess - Scarce
Nicht zertifiziert
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