Samuel Turner / J. Castera - ‎Ambassade au Thibet et au Boutan‎ - 1800

Samuel Turner / J. Castera - ‎Ambassade au Thibet et au Boutan‎ - 1800
Geschichte, Reisen - Anzahl: 2 - Buch

First French edition translated by J. Castera without the atlas which was sold separately, as it was more expansive and which made up a quarto volume.

A rare voyage of discovery to Thibet and Bhutan, which was only differentiated in 1774 when Bogle, commissioned by Warren Hastings, President of Fort William and Governor of Bengal, made his first trip to these lands. Samuel Turner was in turn commissioned by Hastings in early 1783, along with an engineer and draughtsman and a physician. From Calculta, the travellers moved on to Bhutan and were welcomed by the Rajah of the region. The second volume records the trip to Tibet.

An excellent storyteller, Samuel Turner describes the mores and customs, the flora and fauna, visited the monasteries and recorded anything he found interesting, from the religious hierarchy of Tibet and the Grand Lama to the abundance of pineapples in the Indian region near Bhutan. Comparison of trade between Bhutan and Tibet, India and Bhutan, Tibet and India, China, etc.

Several pieces complete the book after Samuel Turner's narration: various letters, notably to the governor of Bengal, a historical note on Thibet from 1783 to 1793, an essay on the plants and minerals of Bhutan and Thibet. A useful glossary with Tibetan and Bhutanese words.

Perfectly bound copies, period tan tree sheep bindings of very lovely appearance. Spine delicately adorned with gilded embossing in the compartments. Mosaicked leather title and volume number labels. Fillets on the cover edges.

A decorative set, in excellent condition. Very clean bindings, a minute snag in the leather on the front cover of Volume 2, otherwise very lovely bindings. Fresh and clean inside. In very good condition.

Samuel Turner / Trad. par J. Castera

‎Ambassade au Thibet et au Boutan‎ (2 volumes).

Paris, Chez F. Buisson, Year IX (1800).

vi (2) 390 + 364pp.

Octavo (20 x 13 cm).

Anzahl der Bücher
Geschichte, Reisen
Autor/ Illustrator
Samuel Turner / J. Castera
‎Ambassade au Thibet et au Boutan‎
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20×13 cm
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