Guillaume Apollinaire / Lil Michaelis - Alcools - 1986

Guillaume Apollinaire / Lil Michaelis - Alcools - 1986
Illustriert, Poesie - Anzahl: 1 - Buch

Superb bibliophilic edition published by the first society for women bibliophiles, “Les Cent Une,” taking up a collection of poems by Apollinaire first published in 1913, illustrated with 16 gorgeous original compositions by Li Michaelis, engraved on copper by the artist.

Rare edition limited to 127 numbered copies, one of the 101 numbered I to C.I reserved for members, this one if no. XLVIII for Madame Chantal Massonaud, it is signed by the artist, the president, and the vice-president of the company.

“Despite the innovative nature of the poems this new edition of Alcools is conservative; the typography is functional and the illustrations are, for an artist's book dating from 1986, remarkably figurative. The burgundy case, that has the title Alcools on the spine, is elegant yet sober. Perhaps this was exactly what the Cent Une, who ordered and edited the book, in order to remain faithful to the fine de siecle spirit.

Les Cent Une, Société de Femmes Bibliophiles, founded in Paris in 1926, was the first bibliophile association for women. Membership was reserved for one hundred and one princesses, baronesses, marquises, duchesses, countesses and wives of famous writers, the latter being registered on the list of members as Madame Paul Claudel, Madame André Maurois and Madame Paul Morand.

For nearly a century, they have been publishing books sought after by booksellers and lovers of beautiful works, combining an unpublished text with original engravings.

The Cent Une publisher’s vignette (a snake in a tree reading a book) shows that reading wasn’t only for men. In a playful way, it gives a feminist twist to the biblical account of original sin, in which Eve is convinced by the serpent to taste the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

“Alcools is a plural, polyphonic collection that explores many aspects of poetry, ranging from elegy to free verse, mixing everyday life with Rhineland landscapes in a poetry that claims to be experimental, combining almost formal perfection and great beauty with a hermeticism, an art of shock, electroshock, which earned Apollinaire the title of hoaxer. Alcools shows the poet torn apart by his romantic break-ups (with Annie Playden, with Marie Laurencin), break-ups that resonate through poems such as Mai, Les Colchiques and, especially, La Chanson du mal-aimé."

Loose leaf, in a cover with flaps and red canvas slipcase. In excellent condition.

Guillaume Apollinaire / Lil Michaelis


Les Cent-Une, 1986


Quarto (30.5 x 21 cm)

Anzahl der Bücher
Illustriert, Poesie
Autor/ Illustrator
Guillaume Apollinaire / Lil Michaelis
Erscheinungsjahr (ältestes Objekt)
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30.5×21 cm
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