Smoke (Space-Age, Fusion) - Everything - LP Album - 1973/1973

Smoke (Space-Age, Fusion) - Everything - LP Album - 1973/1973
Anzahl der Objekte: 1 - Near Mint (NM) - Erstpressung

Smoke (Space-Age, Fusion)

Smoke - Everything (MPS Records ‎– 21 21291-2) made in Germany 1973 original first pressing LP | vinyl: NM (mint-) | cover: VG++ (excellent) | Recorded September 22, 1971 Wally Heider Recording, San Francisco,

This 1973 album is unusual, in that, except for keyboardist Curtis Clark, who went on to work with the likes of David Murray, Julian Priester, and Abbie Lincoln, none of these San Francisco-based players became known on the international scene. Yet the music on this album rates higher in musical inventiveness than many a record slapped together by international stars. Woodi Webb played congas for 13 years before taking up vibes. An autodidact, Webb developed his own fluid melodic/percussive style. He and Clark are the composers on this set. Written for a young girl in LA, Clark’s laid-back Shelda shines as mood music with a light rock beat. Woodi wrote Lobotomy after watching the classic One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; with its harsh soundscape, the music reflects the claustrophobic angst of the movie. Woodi dedicated Everything to Thelonious Monk. The music revolves around a Latinesque riff and features some risky solos including an impressive bass clarinet. Written for conga player Garry Griffieth – ‘he’s got so much rhythm in his butt’, Griffo lays out a rhythmic feast. Supported by a bass ostinato, Clark’s Nite Song reflects on the communion between man and woman. Standout Curtis Clark! Miss Shirley separates the group into a double quartet, alternatively playing progressively diminishing phrases before going into a g-minor mode. Clark’s Curtis (the band insisted on the title) sweats out hot jazz funk. A fascinating album with lots of surprises.

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Smoke (Space-Age, Fusion)
LP Album
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Near Mint (NM)
MPS Records
21 21291-2
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