Italien, Pisa. Repubblica (1264-1269). Grosso da 2 Soldi o Aquilino

Italien, Pisa. Repubblica (1264-1269). Grosso da 2 Soldi o Aquilino
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Pisa, Republic, 1264-1269, 2-soldo grosso or 'aquilino maggiore', 3.27 g + FR' IM - P'TOR, crowned eagle with spread wings facing left Reverse: The Blessed Virgin seated on a throne with her child in her arm; facing left, at the top, rosette, at the sides, PI - SE Bald A I, 3a; CNI 40. MIR 397 AR

On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Dante's death (1265-1321), Catawiki is dedicating an auction to the Divine Poet, focusing on coins of his time and those related to the characters of his Divine Comedy.

Dante and Pisa

City of Tuscany, established as a municipality from the twelfth century and later a commercial and naval power, a rival of Genoa, in the 13th-14th century due to the possession of Sardinia and Corsica. The city also saw the clash between noble families, such as the Gherardesca (Ghibellines) and the Visconti (Guelphs), up to the Meloria disaster (1284).  Ugolino della Gherardesca, elected podestà and captain of the people, entered into peace with Florence and Lucca by giving up some castles on the border, associating himself with the power of Nino Visconti. However, the rivalry with the latter led to the end of the noble government (1288). Pisa had to give up Corsica and Logudoro in favor of Genoa, then giving full support to the unfortunate descent into Italy of Henry VII of Luxembourg. Later, Boniface VIII ceded Sardinia, which he considered a fief of the Church, to the Aragonese, accelerating the political and economic decline of the city.

Pisa is mentioned as the homeland of Count Ugolino in Inf., XXXIII, 79, where Dante gives it a harsh invective for the death inflicted on the protagonist of the episode and his children and grandchildren. (The echo of ancient municipal rivalries with Florence is evident.)  The Pisans are defined as 'foxes so full of fraud / who do not fear ingenuity that occupes them' in Purg., XIV, 53-54, by Guido del Duca in his description of the Valdarno.

Land/ Provinz
Italien, Pisa
Repubblica (1264-1269)
Grosso da 2 Soldi o Aquilino
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