Titus Flavius Iosephus / Erasmus Roterodamus - Flavii Iosephi Hebraei Antiquitatum Iudicarum libri XX - 1534

Titus Flavius Iosephus / Erasmus Roterodamus - Flavii Iosephi Hebraei Antiquitatum Iudicarum libri XX - 1534
Geschichte, Inkunabeln & Frühdrucke - Anzahl: 1 - tipped in plate- Illustration - Buch

Large post incunabulum illustrated in folio.
Beautiful woodcut title page with magnificent engravings that frame the title, illustrating mythological scenes from the life of Heracles.
Animated woodcut initials that take up the themes of the title page.

First edition of the Latin version. The Book of Maccabees was revised by Erasmus of ROTTERDAM himself. Brunet, Supplemento I, 702.

In Jewish Antiquities Flavius Josephus tells the story of the Jewish people from the origins until the era immediately before the Jewish War of 66-70. This work contains valuable information about the religious movements of Judaism in the 1st century, such as the Essenes, the Pharisees and the Zealots.

It also contains the so-called Testimonium flavianum, a short passage in Book XVIII that mentions the preaching and death of Jesus, substantially confirming the account of the Gospels. Although this passage has been considered in the past by some historians to be a falsification inserted in the Christian era, the majority of scholars today believe that Josephus Flavius actually mentioned Jesus in that passage.
A 1971 study by Shlomo Pines of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on a tenth-century Arabic codex seems to confirm that it is a reference to Jesus Christ in the Gospels.

Seventeenth-century half leather binding, gold titles on a label on the spine with 5 raised bands, red edges, crisp interior, pages printed on thick paper with bright inks. A beautiful copy, some browning and coeval notes.
Beautiful engraved title page, pp.: (2); 32nn; 678; (4).

Notice to the reader on behalf of the printer: brief biography of Flavius ​​​Josephus, signed D. Hieronymum. List of learned authors who have cited the works of Josephus Flavius: "Index eorum quae" (of all that is contained in this book).
Preface to the Antiquitatum. Sheet 2 to 216: 20 books of Antiquitatum. 216-310: Bello Iudaico. 310-326: Contra Apionem. 326: notice of Erasmus approving the works of Josephus Flavius. 326-332: Da Machabeis. 332 vo: Preface by Iohannis to the book of Bérose. 333 - 337: Berosi Babilonia. 337 - 338: Book of Manethon, "in supplementis Berosi". 338 v.: Preface from Iohannis to Metasthenes. 339 ro: Text (1 p.) From Metasthenes.

Full title:
Flavii Iosephi Hebraei Antiquitatum Iudicarum libri XX. novissime iam ad vetustissima exemplaria diligenter recogniti, interprete Ruffino Eiusdem De Bello Iudaico Libri VII, Contra Apionem Libri II, De Machabaeis Liber unus, ab Erasmo recognitus Accesserunt Berosi Babylonii antiquitatum libelli quinq, Manethonis supplementum in Berosum, Methastenis Persae fragmentum de iudicio temporum et annalium Persarum;
Flavius Josephus
Cervicornus Coloniae (Köln), 1534

Anzahl der Bücher
Geschichte, Inkunabeln & Frühdrucke
Autor/ Illustrator
Titus Flavius Iosephus / Erasmus Roterodamus
Flavii Iosephi Hebraei Antiquitatum Iudicarum libri XX
Erscheinungsjahr (ältestes Objekt)
Erstausgabe in diesem Format
Cervicornus Coloniae (Köln)
tipped in plate- Illustration
Anzahl der Seiten
332×223 mm
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