Ariosto Ludovico - Orlando Furioso - 1556

Ariosto Ludovico - Orlando Furioso - 1556
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Ariosto Ludovico
Orlando Furioso
In Venetia - 1556 -
Appresso Vincenzo Valgrisi
In 4to - 25.5 x 18 cm.
556 p.

First rare edition of ‘Orlando Furioso’ published by Vincenzo Valgrisi.
Valgrisi challenges his rival,
Giolito de' Ferrari, on a text that
had been his strongest suit
for years.
Girolamo Ruscelli (the publisher) began
working on the new edition
of Orlando Furioso between '52 and '53.
His text was based on the one printed by Giolito in 1552, revised
in light of previous editions of the
thirties and some corrections
received, according to him, from
Ariosto’s brother, Galasso.
The philological accuracy is advertised by Ruscelli since the
title ("tutto ricorretto"), in a clear
and open controversy against the long-time rival
Lodovico Dolce, publisher
of Giolito.
Starting from the Furioso of 1565, Valgrisi
and Ruscelli decide to add
also the final five cantoes of the poem.
All Valgrisi editions of Orlando
are also notable for the elaborate full-page illustrations.
Each woodcut, framed by rich
borders with grotesque figures, illustrates
visually one or more scenes of the canto to which it refers, thanks to a wise use of perspective.
The illustrations have been variously
attributed to the Ferrara painter
Dosso Dossi (1480/ 1542) or his
brother Battista Dossi (1517/1548).


Title page:
integration of the work with a title page belonging to the posthumous edition of 1565.
There is an old restoration on the lower edge of the title page,
with handwritten drawing (near the date of printing,
absent, but 1565).

Dedication of Ruscelli
(Prince Alfonso d’Este): 5 pages.

The life of M. Lodovico Ariosto
(Pigna): 4 pages.

Ai lettori,
De i 5 Canti,
Della Ortografia,
Tavola di tutti i nomi propri: 11 pages.

Orlando Furioso
(complete with 46 plates in addition to all the pages of the text): 556 pages.

Annotazioni et Avvertimenti
(with second original title page
dated 1556): 24 pages.

Mutationi et Miglioramenti: 10 pages.

Raccolto di molti luoghi: 14 pages.

Brieve Espositione: 14 pages.

Alcune cose da avvertirsi: 6 pages.

Tavola De Principii:
(last fascicle, 2 sheets missing,
see third to last photo): 26 pages.


Elegant and firm nineteenth-century half parchment binding
with corners and decorated cardboard.
Leather tag with golden title and author
with a double fillet on the spine.

Generally clean sheets inside.
The 46 (out of 46) plates are very well preserved,
without tears, stains or erasures.
Natural browning of the sheets, but the text is perfectly usable.
A second title page is present
at the end of the text with the numbered pages (Annotationi et Avvertimenti 1556 ).

Work in good overall condition.

Anzahl der Bücher
Geschichte, Kunst, Literatur
Autor/ Illustrator
Ariosto Ludovico
Orlando Furioso
Erscheinungsjahr (ältestes Objekt)
Bebilderte Ausgabe
Ruscelli Girolamo
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26×18 cm
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