Henri Guedon - La Contesta [Latin-Jazz-Funk-Salsa] - LP Album - 1980

Henri Guedon - La Contesta [Latin-Jazz-Funk-Salsa] - LP Album - 1980
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Henri Guédon was born on 22 May 1944, the anniversary of the abolition of slavery. This theme inspired him throughout his career.

At a very young age he formed a group, La Contesta, with Paul Rosine (vibraphone), Michel Pacquit (piano), Denis Dantin (drums) and Romul Pinel (conga) and recorded an album with Alain Jean-Marie and André Condouant.

In 1964, he moved to Paris where he participated in numerous jazz fusion concerts. A pioneer in the modernisation of Afro-Cuban music, he created the first Big Band Jazz Caraïbes with Daniel Barda in 1970, in which he played boogaloo, a mixture of soul, rhythm and blues and Afro-Cuban rhythms. He surprised the French public all the more, as on stage he emphasised the percussion by playing it very loudly.

In 1972, he released the album Cosmo Zouk, with a group of Latin Caribbean musicians: Don Gonzalo Fernandez, Nicole and Jacky Bernard, Claude Vamur and Michel Pacquit. He also collaborated with trombonist Barry Rogers, Cuban trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, trombonist Glen Ferris, saxophonist Bobby Rangell and percussionist Sabu Martinez.

At the end of the 1970s, he imported salsa to France. At his Afro Caraïbe jazz meeting at the Olympia, he invited the stars of Latin music: Andy Gonzales, Barry Rodgers, Mario Riveira, Nicky Marrero, Alfredo de La Fe, Johnny Rodriguez Jr, Marion Riviera, Eddie Martinez and Ray Romero.

In the early 1980s, he made his mark with the albums Afro-blue and Afro-temple. In 1982, he tried other experiments by forming an experimental percussion group with musicians Bill Summer, Scott Roberts and John Olis Jr. Lucas Van de Merjick. The instrumentarium consisted of two hundred Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Asian instruments, mixed with various Western classical instruments. In 1983, he received the Académie Charles Cros prize for musical tales written according to the deep tradition of the Antilles, before going on long international tours.

In 1988, he released two original musical works: L'opéra Triangulaire, a jazz oratorio with a wind band, his Big Band and choirs, with Philippe Langlet, director of the Orchestres d'Harmonie de la Ville du Havre, as conductor of the ensemble; and Un poème symphonique, created with musicians from the Provence Côte d'Azur orchestra and the singer Carol Unpkin for the Avignon Festival. It was a tribute to Aimé Césaire and a year later a tribute to Toussaint Louverture.

In 1992, he created La Marseillaise en trois Continents for and in collaboration with the town of Bagneux.

In 1993, with the municipality of Courbevoie, he created Nomadisme Musical aux Caraïbes, a suite of various Caribbean dances and mazurkas with the participation of the instrumental ensemble Parenthèses with the singer Yolanda Hernandez and the pianist Georges Rabol.

In 1995, he reassembled his Latin Jazz Band with the musicians who had followed his career development; he prepared an album in homage to Dizzy Gillespie, entitled Latin BE BOP.

He returned to the forefront of the stage at the New Morning on 15 October 2004 to celebrate his forty-year career. He is surrounded by his acolytes Luckmil Perez (timpani, drums), Abraham Mansarol Rodriguez (congas, bata), Felix Toca (bass), Christophe Orbester (piano), Michael Joussein (trombone, musical direction), Eddy 'Negon' Borges (trombone), Dave Rhotschild (trombone). Guests include Allen Hoist (flute), Alain Jean-Marie (piano), Almeida Gonzalez Cuchi (bass), Claude Vamur (timpani), Frankie Vazquez (vocals). The following year he gave his last concert in his native island Fond Saint Jacques in Sainte-Marie (Martinique).

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Henri Guedon
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La Contesta [Latin-Jazz-Funk-Salsa]
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