Thomas Doughty - The Cabinet of American Natural History and Rural First color plate sporting book printed in America - 1830

Thomas Doughty - The Cabinet of American Natural History and Rural First color plate sporting book printed in America - 1830
Naturgeschichte - Anzahl: 3 - Per Hand eingefärbte Illustrationen - Buch

First colour-illustrated sports book printed in America. Unique proof set with some uncoloured variant plates.
The Cabinet of American Natural History and Rural Sports.

Volumes I and II.
[and an additional copy of volume I].

[Doughty, John and Doughty, Thomas].
Philadelphia: J. and T. Doughty, 1830-1832.


Uncommon and among the first American books to be illustrated with hand-coloured lithographic illustrations, The Cabinet of Natural History is an odd amalgam of natural history, sporting accounts, travel narratives, and practical advice for the countryman. These volumes are some of the earliest American books printed with lithograph and hand-colouration in full colour, attributed to Childs and Inman Press on the illustrations. ‘The coloured plates ( 31 ) are important--being the first coloured sporting prints made in America. Many of these coloured plates of animals and birds are charming, the colouring is soft, correct as to details, and all are well drawn’--Gee.

Started by brothers Thomas and John Doughty in Philadelphia, The Cabinet was issued in monthly parts and ran from the end of 1830 until the spring of 1834 (ending with volume III part 4, Vol III not part of this set). The text includes firsthand accounts of hunting expeditions of all kinds and are among the earliest of their kind. The work includes a significant number of original lithographs by one of the great names in 19th-century American art, Thomas Doughty. Known as one of America's greatest landscape painters, Doughty ‘apparently taught himself how to paint, and around 1816 he painted his first landscapes. It was also at this time that he listed his occupation as ‘painter’ in the Philadelphia register, among the first American artists to do so. He was an avid hunter and fisherman whose intense love of nature inspired him to capture the serenity and joy he experienced in the wooded hills and along the quiet streams of the Northeast’ (Britt Steen Zuñiga for DNB). Doughty went on to found the Hudson School of Art, and volume I contains his original illustrations. ‘Artistically, volume 1 is much the most important, for it contains the original plates by Thos. Doughty, famous painter and founding father of the Hudson River School’ - Bennett. The illustrations in the later volumes are from a multitude of hands and sources.

A unique set of volumes I and II (as well as an alternate fragmentary copy of volume I; three volumes total) of the Doughty brothers' landmark illustrated set, containing 31 original illustrations by Thomas Doughty. This set, extra illustrated with thirteen alternate state or issue plates, plus the fragmentary additional volume. Some of these plates are uncoloured, some coloured but produced by a different lithographer to the regular plates. Bibliographers have noted that many of these original plates became worn down and thus were replaced by plates drawn by different artists. Interestingly, no bibliographers to date ( and there have been many) have noted the uncoloured states of the plates, making them most likely much more scarce than the alternate coloured issues.
As shown, exhibiting heavier wear, staining and damage to the bindings; we have not collated the set textually but two of the title pages are present as are many, many plates and what seems like most of the text. The leather spine remains for one copy of the first Volume, some peeling and loss and obviously all boards detached. Pages also detached, sometimes in single pages and sometimes in gatherings; most plates are in good shape with some staining, foxing and a few chips, as shown. Sold as is; this set has sold upwards of $2,500 in fragmentary state selling for hundreds of dollars each engraving. This set again with very rare uncoloured variants here and there. Folios are about 11.5" x 9.25" each. Ex-Michael Zinman collection.
All pages and covers are loose and part two ends on page 144.

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Thomas Doughty
The Cabinet of American Natural History and Rural First color plate sporting book printed in America
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Per Hand eingefärbte Illustrationen
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