Italien, Königreich Italien. Vittorio Emanuele II. di Savoia (1861-1878). 100 Lire 1872

Italien, Königreich Italien. Vittorio Emanuele II. di Savoia (1861-1878). 100 Lire 1872
Gold - Nicht zertifiziert

Vittorio Emanuele II beautiful and very rare 100 Lire coin from 1872, preservation grade XF/UNC, with beautiful fields and minor contact marks on the obverse.
The coin will be sent sealed by 'Numismatica Elite'. Gigante catalogue: XF €25,000 - UNC €40,000 - Montenegro: XF €30,000 - UNC €60,000.


Together with his Prime Minister, Camillo Cavour, Vittorio Emanuele spent several years developing the right international alliances, in order to achieve the final aim of the enlargement of his kingdom. At the beginning of the Second war for Independence, he declared: “I have no other ambition than being the first soldier of the Italian independence”. Despite his number, King Vittorio Emanuele II was the first king of the new Italian state, established in 1861, and therefore was called “Father of the Nation”.
The king always privileged military life, and his performance at school was really poor, as we can see by the uncertain grammar in his letters; he loved to talk in Piedmontese dialect instead of in a proper Italian; he had a strong personality and for this reason he managed to marry his second - non-noble wife against the opinions of all his ministers.
The coin offered on Catawiki is the first biggest coin struck with gold of the Italian Kingdom. It was originally struck in only 661 pieces - of which only few remain nowadays - because at that time banknotes were already in use.

Land/ Provinz
Italien, Königreich Italien
Vittorio Emanuele II. di Savoia (1861-1878)
100 Lire
Jahr / Periode und Variation
Nicht zertifiziert
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