China, Tibet. 3 Srang BE16 - year 11 (1937)

China, Tibet. 3 Srang BE16 - year 11 (1937)
Silber - Nicht zertifiziert

Obverse: Snow lion facing left in front of Mount Kailash with two suns in the background, all surrounded four Buddhist auspicious symbols (a white parasol, a conch shell, a pair of golden fish, and an endless knot), The Ganden palace, victorious in all directions.

Reverse: Treasure vase (a Buddhist auspicious symbol) containing foliage with scroll ornaments around, all surrounded three Buddhist auspicious symbols (a victory banner, a dharma wheel, and a lotus flower), Cycle sixteen, Year 11, three Srang.

The srang (pronounced "sang"; in Tibetan often referred to as "dngul srang" i.e. "silver srang") was a currency of Tibet between 1909 and 1959. It circulated alongside the tangka until the 1950s. It was divided into 10 sho, each of 10 skar, with the tangka equal to 15 skar (1 srang = 6⅔ tangka).

雙太陽靠大山, 大獅子
此為粗字體版 品相完美
粗字體 寶傘三格

Land/ Provinz
China, Tibet
3 Srang
Jahr / Periode und Variation
BE16 - year 11 (1937)
Nicht zertifiziert
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