Niederlande. Rekenpenning / Jeton 1581 "afzwering Philips II"

Niederlande. Rekenpenning / Jeton 1581 "afzwering Philips II"
Nicht zertifiziert

Jeton to commemorate the abjuration of Phillips the Second 1881

Obverse: man uses his morning star to force a dog to eat his own vomit - [rosette] P OTIVS.MORI.QVAM.VT.CANIS.AD.VOMITVM
Reverse: man with morning star struck with an arrow through the heart, the dog can escape - PERDE.QVI.CONSTRISTANT.ANIMA.MEAM

Material: Cu
Weight: 7.52 g
Reference: Museum Rotterdam 51760/v. Loon I - 293/298 / Dugniolle 2827a
Grade: XF

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Land/ Provinz
Rekenpenning / Jeton
Jahr / Periode und Variation
1581 "afzwering Philips II"
Nicht zertifiziert
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