Niederlande, Utrecht, Singapur. 2 Stuivers Imitation, "1786" (1834-36). Birmingham Mint.

Niederlande, Utrecht, Singapur. 2 Stuivers Imitation, "1786" (1834-36). Birmingham Mint.
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SINGAPORE. 2 Stuivers Imitation, "1786 Utrecht" (1834-36). Birmingham Mint.

Composition: German Silver (a mixture of Bronze, Nickel and Zinc).

Reference Prid-14; SS-19 Imitation; cf. KM-48 (for prototype).

A fairly interesting and SCARCE imitative issue, these colonial Dutch types and were introduced around 1834-36. They were withdrawn from circulation in 1844. The East India Company's refusal to accept the fact that its Eastern Settlements were in a dollar using area and the subsequent failure to issue a currency suitable to the demands of trade in Singapore and the Malay Archipelago resulted in the production of the Singapore Merchant Tokens which served as a medium of exchange and came to be widely accepted in the neighbouring region. Tokens imitating the Dutch European Silver Two Stuivers are one of the main group of the Singapore Merchant Tokens, the Official Coinage for Sumatra and Singapore.

UNC. Beautiful coin with original mint luster.

Quality indications are the seller's own indication. See pictures for your own impression.


Land/ Provinz
Niederlande, Utrecht, Singapur
Jahr / Periode und Variation
2 Stuivers Imitation, "1786" (1834-36). Birmingham Mint.
Nicht zertifiziert
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