Salvador Dali - Dalí - Teatro Museo Figueras - Inauguración - - 1974

Salvador Dali - Dalí - Teatro Museo Figueras - Inauguración - - 1974
Αφίσα - Αρχιτεκτονική, Τέχνη - Ισπανία

Original lithograph by Spanish artist Salvador Dalí (*).
This work was edited on the occasion of the opening of the Teatro Museo Figueras, his last major work, in 1974. For the opening of the Dalí museum.
Edited by Mourlot, Paris under the supervision of Dalí and lithographer A. Manaranche).
Published by Transworld Art Corporation, New York City, 1974
Limited edition of 2,000 copies.


- Dimensions: 73 x 52 cm
- Year: 1974
- Condition: Excellent (this work has never been framed or exhibited, and has always been preserved in professional art folder, so it is kept in perfect condition).
- References: Michler, R. and Löpsinger, L. Dali - Das druckgraphische Werk I 1924-1980, Prestel, Munich, 1994, pages 224-225, no. 668
- Origin: Private collection.

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(*) Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalí was born in Figueras (Spain) in 1904. Between 1921 and 1925 he studied at the San Fernando Academy in Madrid where he befriended the poet Federico Garcia Lorca and the filmmaker Buñuel. In 1925 the Dalmau Gallery in Barcelona organized his first personal exhibition, an exhibition in which Picasso and Miró became interested in their works.
Dalí was first influenced by futurism, by Cubism afterwards (1925). In April 1926 Dalí travelled for the first time to Paris where he visited Picasso. On his second trip to Paris, in 1929, he attended the filming of Buñuel's film "The Andalusian Dog" of which Dalí is a co-writer, and Miró introduces him to the surrealist group. Dalí finds André Breton and ...... to Gala, his future wife and muse (married at the time to Paul Eluard). He joined the surrealist movement in 1929. Dali is interested in Freud's psychoanalytic theories and defines his "paranoid-critical" method. In that period he painted dreamy and ghostly spaces populated by symbolic elements: soft clocks, crutches, fantastic animals, twisted characters. Dalí still participates in surrealist demonstrations and exhibitions after his exclusion in 1934. Dalí performs in his own way several famous works, such as the Angelus de Millet, giving several versions of them. Breton nicknames him "Avid Dollar"!
After the Spanish civil war he became politically engaged in Franco's favour. From the 1940s on, he declared that he wanted to approach reality and returned to a more classical pictorial expression, while still printing his personal fantasy in his works.
The recurring themes in both, his painted work and the engraved work are women, sex, religion, battles. Dalí is exhibited in quirky shows throughout his career, mixing art and life, constantly staging himself. After ten years of efforts, Dalí opened his own museum: in 1974, the inauguration of the Teatro Museo Dalí took place. Dalí's last passion was "stereoscopic" painting (1975) and he presented his first "hyper stereoscopic" work in New York in 1978.
Dalí who called himself "cannibal", "megalomaniac" and "perverse polymorph" dies in Barcelona (Spain) in 1989.

The Teatro Museo Dalí, inaugurated in 1974 and built on the remains of the old municipal theatre of Figueres, is considered to be the last great work of Salvador Dalí. Everything in it was conceived and designed by the artist with the purpose of offering the visitor a true experience and taking him into his captivating and unique world.

For the edition of the posters on the occasion of the Inauguration of the Museum, Dalí selected some of the most beautiful themes of his two series of etchings "Las doce tribus de Israel" (1973) and "Después de 50 años de surrealismo" (1974).

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Salvador Dali
Dalí - Teatro Museo Figueras - Inauguración -
Αρχιτεκτονική, Τέχνη
Χώρα προέλευσης
A (excellent - mint condition)
73×52 cm
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