Maison Caprice - preziosa lavorazione ad ago - filo di seta Δίχρωμο - Κολιέ

Maison Caprice - preziosa lavorazione ad ago - filo di seta Δίχρωμο - Κολιέ
μέγεθος: taglia unica - Total weight: 10 g

The brand Caprice creates designer jewellery inspired by nature, but with an eye to the quality of manufacture. The objective is to restore the value of craftsmanship and prevent the loss of our immense cultural heritage by reinterpreting classical aesthetics with contemporary taste. By experimenting with various techniques, we have created a collection of jewellery created entirely by hand using exclusively needle and thread. The special type of craftsmanship and the twisting of the threads provide body to the work of art and create three-dimensional structures that are very light and elegant.

Adjustable necklace that is entirely handmade with thread and needle with ivory stitch and buckle stitch. Embroidery and lace. Embroidered. Brand Caprice.

From the central narcissus, measuring around 5 cm in diameter, flows a cascade of small turquoise coloured flowers. The necklace is 78 cm long. There are no metal components, so it is also suitable for those who might have any metal allergies. It is very light.

This craftsmanship technique uses only needle and thread. There are no supports. It takes great patience to create small stitches that, one after the other, create the lace. The meticulousness of the stitching and the twisting of the thread give consistency to the artwork, allowing the creation of three-dimensional patterns. The result is absolutely realistic, very light and elegant.
This is an ancient, very costly technique that requires weeks of work.
The item of jewellery is unique, not gaudy, but accentuates the wearer's appearance.

Treat yourself to an item of jewellery created with needle, thread and love.

All photos are an integral part of the description.

The necklace with be properly packaged. Registered shipping.

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Maison Caprice - preziosa lavorazione ad ago - filo di seta
taglia unica
10 g
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