Heritage Jewelry By Bars Ασημί, Χρυσός - Σκουλαρίκια - 0.05 ct Διαμάντια

Heritage Jewelry By Bars Ασημί, Χρυσός - Σκουλαρίκια - 0.05 ct Διαμάντια
μέγεθος: 4cm - Total weight: 6 g

--Handcrafted Ancient Earrings in 24k yellow Gold and Silver with diamonds..

--Earrings with Coins of Alexander the Great.

--Grading Results:
Stone Type: Naturel Diamond
Shape:Round Brilliant
Diamond pieces: 2× 0.025ct
Total Carat: 0.05ct
Colour: H-G
Clarity: VS1- VS2

--Jewelry Material:
24k yellow Gold and Silver
Gold Weight: 0.24gr
Silver Weight: 5.76gr
Earrings length: 4cm
Earrings width:. 1.8cm
Total weight: 6gr

--Alexander the Great is known as the person who most influenced coin culture, numismatic. In the universal empire he tried to establish, coins became the symbol of this unity and integrity. Ascended to the throne at the age of 20, Alexander defeated the Persian Empire, known as the superpower of the period, over and over, and established an empire from the Balkans to India. Attaching importance to cultural unity, Alexander's 20 cities named after him as ‘Alexandria’ have continued this structure known as the Hellenistic culture even hundreds of years later. Alexander was the first emperor and unifying power of the east and west. Aristotle's student Alexander made these teachings meet with the ancient Buddhist traditions of the Orient. Alexander was, in a way, the first person to imagine today's ideal world and put it into practice. Our craftsmen in Istanbul designed the first ruler of east and west for you in this land where east and west intersect.

--HERITAGE collection are elegantly reconciles the rich inspiration of ancient jewelry traditions, utilizing only pure and nimble 24 Karat gold. The results are pieces wrought with a sensual and tactile modernism. Each piece from the collection is uniquely hand wrought with the exquisite precision once celebrated by ancient artisans; yielding a tawny luxury fit for the modern woman whose jewelry reflects, at the same time ancient history, and the art that is the modern feminine spirit.

--New İtem of jewellery will be sent with their specific Certificates and original gift boxes..

--Shipments are insured and tracked by the most reliable shipping Companies FedEx,TNT,DHL,UPS..

--Customs and taxes that may rise to European Union countries are under our responsibility.

--Please note, your country of residence( Non-european union)may impose customs and import duties..

Λεπτομέρειες παρτίδας
Ασημί, Χρυσός
Heritage Jewelry By Bars
6 g
Κυρίως πέτρα
Natural (untreated)
Carat weight main stone
Diamond Clarity Grade
VS1 / VS2
Diamond Colour Grade
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