Akai - AP-M719 - Συσκευή αναπαραγωγής δίσκων

Akai - AP-M719 - Συσκευή αναπαραγωγής δίσκων
Πολύ καλή - Αριθμός αντικειμένων: 2 - Συμπεριλαμβανομένων: Συσκευή αναπαραγωγής δίσκων - Original user manual, Power cord

Akai AP-M719 High End HiFi Full Automatic Linear Tangential Record Player

High-quality, heavy Full Automatic Linear Tangential Vintage Turnable / top-class turntable.

Highlights are the linear tangential playing of records, which leaves hardly any wear on the played vinyls and ensures a very long service life of the playing needle,
A repeat function,
and the elegant wooden side parts, dark brown with structure, in glossy lacquer.

Equipped with new original pickup system and new play pin.

Start and Repeat are displayed by illuminated font when using the Repeat function.

Start function key and a "Cut" button that stops playing and automatically returns the tonearm to the initial position.

Size selector 30-17.
Speed selector 33-45.
Cartridge: PC-33.
Styles: RS-33.

The finely damped electronically controlled tonearm-lift ensures safe lifting and lowering of the tonearm, for example when searching for a piece of music.

Dimensions: Width 385mm. x Height 95mm. x Depth 320mm.

Weight: 7.0 kg.

Stereo RCA re/li RC AIC connection cable integrated.

Attachments: Single-Puk.

Tested, well-maintained, excellent condition.

Insured, secure shipping.

Λεπτομέρειες παρτίδας
Multiple Models
Συσκευή αναπαραγωγής δίσκων
Πολύ καλή
Original user manual, Power cord
5.5 kg
Δοκιμάστηκε και λειτουργεί
Tested and working/playable
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