Lapponia - 1982 - Björn Weckström - 925 Ασημί - Κολιέ

Lapponia - 1982 - Björn Weckström - 925 Ασημί - Κολιέ
μέγεθος: 38,5cm - Total weight: 18.1 g

Vintage silver Lapponia necklace designed by Björn Weckström. The necklace still has its first and original clasp specially designed for it by Björn. The later models were equipped with a new type of clasp, one with a spring.

This necklace is marked with E8, which represents the year 1982. Furthermore, it is fully marked with the grade mark, Lapponia, and the country mark of Finland. It is also provided with Dutch import marks on the eyelet of the clasp.

The necklace is still in completely original condition and does not really have any noteworthy signs of wear. The clasp also shows practically no signs of wear, and since this is the location where an item of jewellery wears down fastest we can thus conclude it was never to very rarely worn.

The necklace is 38.5 cm long and weighs 18.10 grams.

The necklace comes with an original Lapponia box.
It will be shipped registered and insured with track and trace.

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Lapponia - 1982 - Björn Weckström
18.1 g
Πολύ καλή κατάσταση - ελαφρώς μεταχειρισμένο με μικρά σημάδια χρήσης
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