Caspar Teppema - Aluminium Χάλυβας - Κολιέ, Κολιέ

Caspar Teppema - Aluminium Χάλυβας - Κολιέ, Κολιέ
μέγεθος: 17 x 17 cm outside, 12 x 12 cm inside - Total weight: 104 g

Both contemporary and classical in nature, the sleek design of this eye-catching collar piece in essence equally combines elegance with simplicity. Composed of a total of 300 individually selected and refurbished can tabs, this aluminium accessory is lightweight, non-corrosive and hypoallergenic. Weighing in at only 104 g/3.66 oz, it’s timeless appearance elevates the nature of upcycled jewellery to a new level of sophistication.

Having been inspired by both the impressive grandeur of contemporary bike chain chandeliers and the intricate finesse of can tab artistry, Caspar Teppema (1984) set out his goal of combining the two by designing and creating his own immersive, one of a kind chandelier. Comprising more than 17.500 upcycled aluminium can tabs, this 1.25m/4.10ft tall installation was completed in 2017.

After this study of the handling of the material used, more streamlined procedures of operation were implemented, extending experimental freedom substantially. Optimising construction techniques resulted in no less than four uniquely designed dresses and a 3.00m/9.84ft long serpent-style necklace, showcasing the possibilities in creating exclusive jewellery with the use of this urban raw material.

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Κολιέ, Κολιέ
Caspar Teppema - Aluminium
17 x 17 cm outside, 12 x 12 cm inside
104 g
Σαν καινούργιο - αχρησιμοποίητο
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