L’Étoile - 925 Ασημί - Κρεμαστό κόσμημα

L’Étoile - 925 Ασημί - Κρεμαστό κόσμημα
μέγεθος: 5x4,5 cm - Total weight: 23 g

Jewel pendant in 925 silver and brocade (on a black background with red and gold motifs).

Reinterpretation of the Sardinian costume button from the goldsmith shop L’Étoile in Nuoro.
Dimensions: H 5 x 4.5 cm.
With black satin double strand necklace and silver lobster clasp.

The buttons of Sardinian costumes (which change decoration and size from country to country) are known to most. They are the typical 'pibionnis', generally in pure filigree, and they are also found in many brooches and cufflinks (both for men and women).
Sardinian costumes also change designs and fabrics (rich and precious) from country to country, making the country of origin unique and recognisable.
The jewellers Mascia and Secchi di Nuoro have created a collection of modern pendants inspired by the tradition, with a contemporary design that combines the shape of the button with the fabric of the costume.

The collection has received reviews and been included in publications.

Signed and hallmarked.
Unique piece.

Λεπτομέρειες παρτίδας
Κρεμαστό κόσμημα
Ποιότητα Υλικού
5x4,5 cm
23 g
Σαν καινούργιο - αχρησιμοποίητο
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