Êcole Espagnole (Fin XVIème) - Vraies Images du Christ et de la Vierge

Êcole Espagnole (Fin XVIème) - Vraies Images du Christ et de la Vierge
Λάδι σε καμβά - Χωρίς υπογραφή - c. 1600

- Oil on canvas. Marouflage on wooden panel.
- Painting belonging to a Spanish Renaissance school, which closely follows the compositional postulates of Valencian painters, notably Juan de Juanes.
- Dimensions of the image without frame: 49 x 41 cm each The altarpiece measures 101 x 66 cm
- Private collection in Barcelona.
- Professionally packed.
- Important: Due to the fragile nature of old frames, shipping companies do not offer compensation for damage to frames. We put a great deal of effort to make sure that paintings are protected, but we cannot accept complaints about frame damage.
- In overall fair condition. Restorations. There could be minimal flaws and holes.
- Shipping costs are indicative and in some cases, depending on circumstances beyond the seller’s control, might change.

Λεπτομέρειες παρτίδας
Êcole Espagnole (Fin XVIème)
Τίτλος έργου τέχνης
Vraies Images du Christ et de la Vierge
1700 και πριν
c. 1600
Λάδι σε καμβά
Χωρίς υπογραφή
Καλή κατάσταση
2 kg
Total dimensions
101×66×2 cm
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