Moto Guzzi - Mulo Meccanico 3x3 - 750 cc - 1960

Moto Guzzi - Mulo Meccanico 3x3 - 750 cc - 1960
Κατάσταση: Πολύ καλή - Διαθέσιμα δικαιολογητικά εγγραφής: Όχι - Τοποθεσία: Ιταλία

Moto Guzzi Triporteur, “Mulo Meccanico” (Mechanical Donkey) from 1960

Mountain military vehicle 3x3.

Created by Moto Guzzi for the Alpini, the Italian Army's specialist mountain infantry to replace the donkeys in tactical mountain transport.

Equipped with the 90 degrees V-2 engine, designed by Giulio Cesare Carcano. From 1967 on, this engine becomes the symbol of the Mandello brand.

Matching numbers: AC44

Displacement: 750 cc

Preserved and in perfect working condition.

3 x 3 full traction.

Tracks could be mounted.

The distance between the rear wheels can be modified while running.

Without documents.

National and international shipping, home delivery option available.

Any extra costs shall be borne by the buyer.

Located in Reggio Emilia - Italy.

Seller’s code: GUZ142

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Moto Guzzi
Τύπος μοντέλου
Mulo Meccanico 3x3
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Πολύ καλή
Διαθέσιμα δικαιολογητικά εγγραφής
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