Laurence JENK - Collector Transparent jaune et aluminium

Laurence JENK - Collector Transparent jaune et aluminium
Πλέξιγκλας - Υπογεγραμμένο χειρόγραφα - Μοναδικός - 2021

Laurence Jenk, an internationally renowned French artist.
Better known under the name of Laurence Jenkell, in 2020 the artist changed her signature for a shorter name with modern chords : JENK.
The goal?
To develop her identity in order to better protect her new achievements.

Self-taught contemporary French artist, knight of the Order of Arts and Letters
Worldwide exhibits

In a few words
Laurence Jenk was born on 31st December 1965. She lives and works in Vallauris, in the Alpes-Maritimes. Known and recognised for her brightly coloured sculptures, she creates larger-than-life candies, in bright colours and in various sizes, in materials such as bronze, Plexiglas, aluminium and marble.
More than a medium, the candy interpreted by Laurence Jenk has become a language. Her works are part of a reflection and a cultural process: the subject of candy combining simplicity and universality.
The great freedom and equally great determination with which Laurence Jenk conducts her research, develops her themes and enriches her repertoire of forms, force admiration and reveal an authentic artist's temperament. Candy remains the core of her creative identity, but she skilfully explores all its possibilities.
In only ten years her Candies, but also their more or less direct ramifications, the emblematic Wrappings, DNA, Robots, Butterflies... have conquered the planet. Recently she has been extrapolating her "wrapping" and twisting gesture with other materials and forms, such as the "Wrapping Fridge" or the "Jelly Wrap."
Although candy remains his favourite subject, her latest packaging designs reflect environmental issues such as the depletion of coffee-growing land, the proliferation of non-biodegradable disposable products and the poaching of endangered animals.
Laurence Jenk's work is present in more than 25 countries. She is represented by numerous galleries and is part of important private, public and institutional collections.  

Λεπτομέρειες παρτίδας
Laurence JENK
Τίτλος έργου τέχνης
Collector Transparent jaune et aluminium
Υπογεγραμμένο χειρόγραφα
Άριστη κατάσταση
Συνολικές διαστάσεις
23×7.5×8.5 cm
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