Denon - DCD-1550 AR met HighEnd interlink - Συσκευή CD

Denon - DCD-1550 AR met HighEnd interlink - Συσκευή CD
Εξαιρετική - Αριθμός αντικειμένων: 1 - Συμπεριλαμβανομένων: Συσκευή CD - Original user manual, Remote control, + Επιπλέον αντικείμενο (βλ. περιγραφή)

Beautiful CD player by Denon, very well known because of its warm sound. Device with Denon-patented Alpha Processing DA-conversion (Real 20-bit 2-DAC, LAMBDA).

This CD player is equipped with the option for direct connection to the power amplifier (variable out) and has an extensive range of extras including pitch control (!).

The amplifier is completely checked by a technical service and 100%

The device is in perfect condition and complete with remote control and multilingual original manual.

The CD player comes with a top interlink cable. The cable is 90 cm long.

When shipped, the device will be packaged professionally and shipped securely and insured with Track & Trace.

D/A converters: Real 20-bit 2-DAC, LAMBDA
Super Linear Converter
with ALPHA Processor
Oversampling: 8 times, 20 bit
Dimensions : 434 (W) x 134 (H) x 340 (D) mm
Weight: 7.4 kg

Λεπτομέρειες παρτίδας
DCD-1550 AR met HighEnd interlink
Συσκευή CD
+ Επιπλέον αντικείμενο (βλ. περιγραφή), Original user manual, Remote control
8 kg
Δοκιμάστηκε και λειτουργεί
Tested and working/playable
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