Philips - 22GA212 overhauled - Πικάπ

Philips - 22GA212 overhauled - Πικάπ
Εξαιρετική - Αριθμός αντικειμένων: 3 - Συμπεριλαμβανομένων: Πικάπ - Power cord, Refurbished, Revised, + Επιπλέον αντικείμενο (βλ. περιγραφή)

Iconic turntable from Philips from 1975 with the 3 green eyes!
Perfectly working sounding and looking!

As always this machine is completely overhauled for a new future.

New belt
New lamps, also for the end stop
New main switch
New voltage regulator instead of unreliable germanium transistors.
Cleaned and oiled.
All rpm’s set right
End stop set right
Headshell contacts cleaned
Recently changed stylus still sounds very good.
Dustcover polished, just minor scratches almost invisible.
Platter leveled out.
Amazingly good sounding original GP400 cartridge.
Photos are part of the description.

Carefully shipped with transport screws and weight next to the player.
With rca adapter cable and 7” adapter.

Λεπτομέρειες παρτίδας
22GA212 overhauled
+ Επιπλέον αντικείμενο (βλ. περιγραφή), Power cord, Refurbished, Revised
8 kg
Δοκιμάστηκε και λειτουργεί
Tested and working/playable
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