Emzar Khabuliani (1963) - Little wild berries

Emzar Khabuliani (1963) - Little wild berries
Λάδι σε καμβά - Υπογεγραμμένο χειρόγραφα - 2020

Emzar Khabuliani, 1963

‘Little wild berries’, painted in 2020, signed on the bottom right and on the back, original artwork.
Oil on canvas mounted on a stretcher: 50 x 85cm.
The modern frame is available as an option.

Internationally renowned artist, participated in art fairs in Russia, Europe, USA and is experiencing growing success in China.

- Art fairs: Los Angeles, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen
- Recent private exhibitions: Las Vegas, Moscou, Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai.

The works are widely present in exhibitions and public sales in Georgia, Russia, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, USA, United Kingdom and China.

Certificate of authenticity signed by the artist included.

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Λεπτομέρειες παρτίδας
Emzar Khabuliani (1963)
Τίτλος έργου τέχνης
Little wild berries
Λάδι σε καμβά
Υπογεγραμμένο χειρόγραφα
Total dimensions
50×85×3 cm
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