2019 Gorgona, Marchesi Frescobaldi - Τοσκάνη - 2 Bottles (0.75L)

2019 Gorgona, Marchesi Frescobaldi - Τοσκάνη - 2 Bottles (0.75L)
Λευκό κρασί - Ιταλία

Gorgona Frescobaldi 2019 0,75l
2 Bottles

Ansonica and Vermentino blend

Extraordinary and exclusive wine. very rare to find for its small production. produced on the island of Gorgona in front of the Tuscan coast. the island is a penitentiary prison and wine is produced in collaboration with prison inmates.
Very rare wine

USA Customer: Duty Customs cost incluse in the price of shipping. (no shipping in Utah, Alabama, Missisipi, Vermonth, South Dakota)

Shipping in a POLYSTYRENE cellar to protect against sudden changes in temperature, and summer warm.
Shipping via express courier.
Shipping with the original wooden case.

Λεπτομέρειες παρτίδας
Λευκό κρασί
Gorgona, Marchesi Frescobaldi
Μέγεθος μπουκαλιού
Bottles (0.75L)
Bordeaux bottle type, neck fill level
Fully intact, readable label
Fully intact metal capsule with production hole
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