What is the extra bidder guarantee?

When bidding on items with a higher value, you may be requested to provide a one-time extra bidder guarantee. You will be informed of this by a notification above the bid block on the right-hand side of the auction page that states 'Extra bidder guarantee needed'.

An extra bidder guarantee requires the user to provide their credit or debit card information so that the bid may be properly confirmed. At this time, it is only possible to secure your bid using MasterCard, VISA or American Express cards. As a result of the extra bidder guarantee, a hold will be placed for the bid amount requested up to the amount of €1,000.

Please take into consideration that the amount secured for your bidder guarantee is not withdrawn from your account, it is only subject to a temporary hold on the funds. The outcome of your guarantee is dependent on whether the auction is won, lost or payment is not provided.

If you are the winner of the lot which you have provided a guarantee for, the hold placed on your credit card will be credited directly towards your open invoice. By then going to your payment page, you will be able to pay the remaining balance on your purchase using our accepted payment methods.

In the event you have provided a guarantee but have not won the item being auctioned, the hold placed to guarantee your bid amount will be removed, and the funds will be made available once again in your account. The amount of time it takes for your funds to be made available depends on your bank or financial institution.

Should you win an item you have provided a guarantee for, but payment is not provided within the allowed payment period, you will receive notification that the sale has been cancelled due to non-payment. When this has occurred, please contact our Customer Support team so we may set up your refund for the sale. For items which are cancelled due to non-payment, your guarantee will be refunded minus the invoiced auction fee of 9% for the transaction.

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