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How do I contact the buyer?

Whether you're buying or selling, we know it's important to be able to contact the other party. The Catawiki Message Centre allows you to keep track of the messages that you've exchanged with other Catawiki members. Bidders and sellers are able to contact each other directly if they have any queries about the object or payment and shipping after the auction has ended. 

Our Message Centre is the only approved method for user communication in Catawiki. When the auction has ended and the lot has been paid for, you can send messages through 'My Messages' in your account. This is also where you can view all of the messages that you have sent and received.

Please observe the following when sending a message:


  • Use a friendly and polite tone.
  • Liaise with each other to complete orders and respond quickly to customer service issues.


  • Don’t use any insulting, aggressive, discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate language. 
  • Don’t include any personal details (such as name, address or phone number) of other people in your message. 
  • Don’t use the Message Centre to send spam, offers to buy or sell outside of Catawiki, or marketing and promotional material; this is contrary to our Terms and Conditions

For more information, please refer to our
Terms and Conditions

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