Lot Submission & Evaluation
How are my lots ranked?

Based on their experience, the particulars of the lot, and the criteria mentioned below, our experts will determine the position in which your lot is shown in the online auction. 

Their goal is to provide an appealing mix of lots in our auctions for our buyers. 

The below criteria are considered:

  1. The date and time your lot was submitted to us.
  2. Lots that are similar will, where possible, be spread out evenly in the online auction.
  3. If your lot has a reserve price.
  4. The value of your lot compared to the other lots in the auction.
  5. A particular detail of your lot that is associated with the online auction type.
  6. The description and photos shown of your lot.
  7. If your lot was previously unsold on our online marketplace and is now being re-offered there.
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