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Seller - Feedback Policy

It is highly important for us to be able to provide a reliable and safe experience for both buyers and sellers. In order to do so, we provide our buyers the possibility to give feedback related to their purchases. Furthermore, we understand our sellers value feedback that reflects the services they deliver and it helps them grow as a reliable seller on our platform. In this light, we allow sellers to react to feedback and, if the feedback is not in accordance with this Policy, sellers may request that Catawiki remove or adjust the feedback in question. 

To ensure feedback is both constructive and fair, we expect both our buyers and sellers to stick to the following feedback rules and removal conditions. If you have any questions, you can also take a look at our FAQs.

How to respond to feedback

If the feedback given contains a comment from the buyer, the seller is able to respond. This reaction will be publicly visible. When reacting to feedback, we expect you to respect the following:


  • Use a friendly and polite tone.
  • Contact the buyer directly to resolve any issues as soon as possible. Find out how to contact the buyer here.


  • Don’t use any insulting, harassing, discriminating or otherwise inappropriate language. 
  • Don’t include any personal data (such as name, address or phone number) of others in your reaction.
  • Don’t react to feedback in a way that goes against our Terms and Conditions.

Please note:

You are able to react to the buyer’s feedback within 90 days after the feedback has been left. We strongly encourage our buyers and sellers to resolve any issues between themselves. To support this, buyers are also able to adjust their feedback within this 90 day period. If you have resolved an issue for a buyer or have come to an agreement with them, you are free to politely ask the buyer to adjust their feedback.

Does Catawiki adjust buyer feedback/seller reactions?

In general, Catawiki does not change or remove any feedback. However, Catawiki reserves the right to, at its discretion, either remove, neutralise or adjust feedback on request. We do so only if the situation justifies this in accordance with this Policy. Such requests can be sent to our Customer Support team via our contact form.

Catawiki entirely removes buyer feedback/seller reactions only if:

  • A user is violating Catawiki’s Terms and Conditions 
  • The feedback relates to an error or issue that is not caused by the customer but clearly caused by Catawiki
  • The feedback relates to a different purchase or to activities of another seller
  • The feedback represents a claim, which should be thoroughly investigated via our claim process. However, the buyer has not yet contacted us and/or the seller to open such a claim.*

→ We strongly encourage the seller to reach out to the buyer to resolve the issues the buyer reports in the feedback.

Catawiki adjusts or partially removes (reactions to) feedback only if:

  • The buyer’s feedback or seller’s reaction contains inappropriate language or personal information of others 

→ Catawiki will only remove the relevant unaccepted wording, the rest of the feedback will remain visible.

  • The feedback relates to events that are widely out of the seller’s control (e.g. customs issues, delivery time by the carrier, buyer absent at the time of delivery, parcel lost by shipping company, force majeure)

→  Catawiki will neutralise the feedback and add a public comment to explain why.

→  We strongly encourage the seller to open an investigation with the shipping company to resolve the situation. 

  • The feedback is related to a claim which has been investigated following our claim process and has been concluded as unjustified.*  

→ Catawiki will neutralise the feedback and add a public comment to explain why.

  • A seller managed to resolve the issue to the buyer’s satisfaction without the need for a decision by Catawiki.*

→ Catawiki will neutralise the feedback and add a public comment to explain why.

Catawiki does not remove or adjust (reactions to) feedback if: 

  • The feedback relates to delivery errors that are considered to be within the seller’s control (e.g. shipping later than within 3 business days of payment, insufficient packaging, unreasonable shipping costs**)
  • The feedback is related to a claim opened with Catawiki which has been investigated following our claim process and has been concluded as justified.*
  • The buyer’s feedback or the seller’s reaction in question was given more than 3 months ago

→ We still adjust the feedback if it contains personal data or inappropriate language.

*Feedback related to a purchase that is under investigation by our claim process will only be removed or adjusted after the claim has been resolved. 

**The seller is allowed to calculate the costs for shipping, which can include (but are not limited to) additional insurance and/or (special) packaging requirements.

We hope to have informed you sufficiently. Please contact us if you have any more questions.


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