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I've paid for my object. Why haven't I received it yet?

There are a number of reasons why your order could be taking some time to arrive. For example, if the seller lives in a different country to you, shipping might take longer. 

As soon as the seller ships the object, we’ll send you an email which you can use to track it. You can also track it in the order details. This will give you an idea of what stage of the shipping process it’s in and whether it’s been held up at a particular stage. 

You can also check the estimated shipping time in your object's order details to see when you can expect it to arrive.

If you can’t find the tracking information or it’s taking longer than the estimated shipping time, reach out to the seller. We recommend contacting them in English or in their own language.

You can find this information on the order page under 'My won lots'.

If your object has not been delivered within 20 days of arranging shipping, let us know. That way, we can make sure your payment doesn’t go through to the seller until all issues are resolved.

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