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Can I withdraw an object I have offered for auction?

If your object has already been accepted and planned into an auction, you are no longer able to remove it, or make any changes yourself.

In very specific circumstances we can remove the item from an auction on your behalf, though to do so, you will need to contact us with enough time to do so before the sale is complete. 

Please ensure that you contact us with at least 5 days left on the auction with your request, so that we may review it, and be as detailed in your message as you can. 

If the object has not yet been accepted, you may remove or make adjustments to it yourself. You can use this period to also provide feedback and suggestions on your objects before the auction is actually open for bidding.

To edit your object or contact the expert, go to My offered lots and click on the object you would like to edit. 

From there you can follow the steps to edit and in the 4th step, you can contact the expert if you wish.

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