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How do I contact Catawiki’s Customer Support?

Each article on our help centre will have a “contact us” button below the main body of text. It would look something like this:

This will redirect you to our contact form, where you can reach out to us in one of three ways, and will only be available if you are logged into your Catawiki account.

As part of our contact and help centre service, we have many articles that highlight and advise on various topics that you may encounter whilst using our platform. In order for us to organise and better help your query, each email that comes in to Catawiki, applies a special filter, so that it is directed to the correct place, and worked on faster. We always strongly advise that should you need to contact us, do your best to find the article that best fits your situation. This will ensure that the request comes through and is picked up correctly, and you can offer feedback on the article, if it does not help you with your question. 

With our experience, we have also put a “recommended” notice on one of the three contact options, in order to direct you towards the best way to resolve a follow up question you may have. 

Sometimes one of the three options will be unavailable for use, and this usually coincides with the opening times for our teams. As we are based in the Netherlands, it is important to know that our in office hours are based on the Dutch time zone. For example, the phone line contact option will be unavailable outside of the 9am to 5:30pm time window, based on the GMT+1 timezone.
This is across all languages.

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