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How do I use a CSV file for the bulk upload feature?
  • If all the content appears in a single column when opening the template, this might be caused by the language settings as some languages use commas as a decimal separator. Microsoft doesn’t recognise the comma as a value separator in CSV files. Hence they are separated by a semicolon (‘;’) by default leading to these formatting issues. As an alternative, we suggest you to use Google spreadsheets or LibreOffice to open files. You could also use the ‘Data > Text to Column’ feature in Microsoft Excel to achieve comma separation.
  • You can use the columns ‘External Reference Number’ and ‘External Reference Colour’ to add a reference label and colour to your lot. This will only be visible to you and can be used for internal reference. The label will be visible and searchable on your offered lots page and orders overview.
  • All columns that start with ‘D:’ are the specific lot details. These details will be used to auto-generate the title and subtitle of the lot.
  • All fields with multiple values for a given column should be separated by a semicolon (‘;’).
  • All fields with units (such as weight, volume, diameter, width, height, height_width, height_width_length, mileage, depth) must be entered as [number]_[number]_[number]_[unit], e.g. 20_30_40_cm.
  • All yes/no fields must be filled in with ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
  • All currencies must be entered in euros (€). Please do not add € in the columns, just the numeric value.
  • For numbers with decimals enter as follows 23.4 or "23,4". For a comma seperator, use double quotes. 
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