Claims & Unsold Lots
The reserve price for my lot was not met, what are my options?

If your reserve price is not met by the time the auction ends, you are able to resubmit your lot for another auction. This function allows you to resubmit in several ways. We advise you to reconsider your reserve price when you resubmit your lot and recommend that either you remove it or lower it to give your lot a better chance of selling the next time around.

For certain lots, we also offer the option of offering the lot to the highest bidder. This is possible when the highest bid falls just below the reserve price. This option ensures the lot will be sold and eliminates the risk of putting the lot back up for auction and it not reaching the same final selling price. If the highest bidder accepts the offer, your lot will be sold! Please note that once you make the offer, the decision to accept or reject the offer is at the discretion of the highest bidder.

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