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Jan Wagenaar - Vaderlandsche historie, vervattende de geschiedenissen der nu Vereenigde Nederlanden - 1752

Jan Wagenaar - Vaderlandsche historie, vervattende de geschiedenissen der nu Vereenigde Nederlanden - 1752

Jan Wagenaar - Vaderlandsche historie, vervattende de geschiedenissen der nu Vereenigde Nederlanden - 1752
History, Illustrated - Quantity: 21 - Book

Jan Wagenaar - Vaderlandsche historie, comprising the histories of the now United Netherlands, in particular that of Holland, from the earliest times - Amsterdam, Isaak Tirion, 1752/1770 - 2nd edition - 21 volumes - ca 9000 pp - half leather bindings - 22 × 14 cm

Fair to good condition. Scrapes and bumps, corners exposed. Insides fairly fresh to discoloured, some spots, moisture spots in 2 parts, spine strip partly detached from 3 parts, loss of leather head on spine 4 parts, moisture spot on spine 8 parts. Pinch(s) slightly torn from some parts. Five engravings loose. Some donkey species. Bite from the margin of 4 pages as well as a tear in the margin of 6 pp, approx. 1 cm

Contains frontispiece, 5 folding maps, a map of Leiden, 41 folding engravings and 103 portraits - all according to the bookbinders' lists + about 20 not mentioned - all depicted

Volume 1 -frontispiece, folding map of the Old Netherlands and some adjacent regions; 3 folding engravings - Arrival of the Batavians, Klaudius Civilis storms the Romans, the Salians in Batavia submit to Julian)
paper of the back cover, tear at the top of the spine, approx. 2 cm, loss of leather at the bottom left nip (on which tape) spine strip only attached to the right nip

2. Fold-out map of De Vereenigde Nederlanden (small tear in the margin on the right, approx. 3 cm) 4 fold-out engravings (Duke Godfried de Noorman, killed by Count Everard; King Charles the simple confirms Dirk den I in 't Graafelijk reign; The Frisian nobleman Galama defends his right against Count Flris den II with the sword; siege of Damiate)

3. Spots on front cover, hole in endpapers about 1 cm 4 folding engravings
-Murder of Count Floris den Vyfde
- Inauguration of the Count of Holland as Lord of Friesland
- Siege of Hagestein Castle by Count Willem den I
- Breakthrough of the Groot Zuidhollandsche Waard, in the year 1421 *slight fading around the lower half on the first fold
Some loss of leather head back

4. Inner hinge at the back slightly open at the bottom. 5 folding engravings-
- Riot in Hoorn
-The zel-nering or the Darink mining in Zeeland
-Wrath of the cheese and bread people in Haarlem, 1492
-The Frisian king refuses to be baptized (placed in part 1 in most editions)
-'sGraavenhaage plundered by Maarten Van Rossem, 1528
1 Portrait: Marten van Rossum

5. 3 portraits (Erasmus, Aert van der Goed, Charles V - not listed)
2 folding
- Transfers the Netherlands by Emperor Charles the V to his son Philip
-Failed attack of the Herdooperen on Amsterdam 1535
Loss of leather head back

6. Fold-out map: Accurate map of the united Netherlands and map of the siege of the city of Leiden; 6 portraits: Adriaan van der Goes, Kenau Simons Hasselaer -not listed, Vigluis van Zuchem van Aytta, Ferdinandus Alvares van Toledo Duke of Alva -not listed, Louis van Boisot, Johan van der Does.
2 folding engravings
-the petition of the nobles handed over to the governor, 1566
-Briele taken by the Watergeuzen
Leather on spine loose, paper away from boards

7. 3 portraits (Paulus Buis, Filip van Marnix, Willem the first, )
4 folding engravings
-The Council of State in Brussels taken into custody, 1576
-The great church in Haarlem overwhelmed, 1578
-Groningen transferred to the Spanish by the Count of Rennenberg, 1580
-Willem the First, Prince of Orange in Delft, 1584

8. 3 portraits (Robert Dudlei, François Maalzon, Prince Maurice of Orange)
4 folding
-Arrival of the Earl of Leicester at Vlissingen, 1585
-Deventer betrayed to the Spanish by the superior William Stanlei, 1587
- Superior Maarten Schenk drowns before Nieuwmegen, 1589
- Breda Castle surprised by means of a peat ship, 1590

9. Map of the voyages to the East Indies;
5 portraits (Philips the Second - not mentioned, Joos de Moor - not mentioned, Jacob van Heemskerk, Cornelis van Aarsens, Johannes van Oldenbarneveld))
4 folding engravings
- Count besieged by Prince Maurits, 1602
-six galleys sailed over and shot into the ground by the Staatschen, 1602
Ostend after the surrender to the Archdukes Albertus and Isabella, 1604
- The Spanish envoys received by Maurits, 1608
Leather head back slightly frayed, right pinch at the bottom about 1 cm torn

10. 8 Portraits (Willem Lodewijk, Hugo de Groot, Rombout Hogerbeets, Cornelis Pieterszoon Hooft - not listed, François van Aarsens, Louise de Coligny, Maria Reigersbergen - not listed, Albertus Archduke of Austria t - not listed)
2 folding
-Van Oldenbarneveld on the court scaffold ready to be decolled, 1619
-Hugo de Groot preparing to flee from the Loevenstein prison, 1621
Left nip at the top about 1 cm torn

11. Map of the ship passages to Westindie
10 portraits (Fredrik Hendrik, Dr Andries Bickert - not listed, Pieter Pieterszoon Hein, Ambrosius Spinoza - not listed, Ernst Kasimir, Isabella Clara Eugenia - not listed, Hendrik Kasimir, Wilhelm Count of Nassau, Johan de Knuyt, Philip the Fourth - not mention)
1 folding
-The Munster peace sworn in, 1648
Moisture spot at top inner margin between page 270 and 500

12. 7 portraits ( Willem the Second , Jacob Cats, Adriaan Pauw, Jan van Galen, Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp, Aerd van Nes- not mentioned, Witte Kornelisz de Witte)
2 folding
-Negotiation between 2 delegates from Amsterdam and the Willem Fredrik, 1650
-Delft after the destruction by the jumping of the Kruidtooren, 1654
Loss of leather head of spine and top along left nip, leather scuffed, left nip at bottom about 4 cm torn, moisture spots all over spine

13. 6 portraits (Willem Fredrik, Jacob Baander-heer from and tot Wassenaer, Egbert Meeuwszoon Kortenaar, Kornelis Evertsen, Abraham van der Hulst - not mentioned, Jan Evertsen, Johan Meerman)
1 folding
- Drawing of the Schilderye, in honor of Kornelis de Witt, Rugaard van Putte, placed on the town hall in Dordrecht, frayed on the side edges and corners
Pinches at the top torn about 1 cm

14. 10 portraits (Willem Joseph van Gend, Willem the third, Cornelis de Witt, Johan de Witt, Jacob de Witt - not listed, Adriaan Bankert - not listed, Isaak Sweers - not listed, Cornelis Evertsen - not listed, Pieter de Groot , Michael de Ruiter)
1 folding
- The brothers De Witt in a room of the imprisoned gate in The Hague ambushed by some citizens, 1672
Two engravings loose

15. 7 portraits (Joan Maurits , Aernout van Citters, Koenraad van Beuningen, Pieter de Huybert, Everard van weede, Kornelis Evertsen, Caspar Fagel)
Moisture spot at the top of inner margin all pp, loss of leather head on spine

16. 8 portraits (Jacob Verheye - not mentioned, Jacob Hop, Nicolaas Witsen, Gelein Evertsen, Hieronimus van Beveringk, Kornelis Tromp, Menno van Coehoorn, Henrik Kasimir,)
1 folding
-The house of Nieuwburg in Riswijk where peace was concluded in 1697

17. 7 portraits (Coenraad van Heemskerk , Willem Bentinck, Godard van Reede, Gerard Kallenberg, Johan Willem Friso, Willem Buys, François Nicolaas Fagel, )
Leather torn at the top of the spine

18.6 portraits (Caspar Van Citters - not listed, Adriaan van Borssele, Adolph Hendrik, Cornelis Hop, Isaak van Hoornbeek, Simon van Slingeland)
1 folding
-Public hearing of Mr Cornelis Hop, ambassador, 1719
Tape along entire left knee

19.4 portraits (Sicco van Goslinga, Daniel de Dieu, Anthony vander Heim, Cornelis Schrijver, François Fagel)
Leather back strip only attached to right knee

20.9 portraits (Unico Willem, Jacob Gilles, Willem Citters t - not mentioned, Willem the Fourth, Gerard Aarnout, Jan van Borssele, Hasselaer, Pieter Steyn, Lodewyk duke of Brunswyck, Willem de V

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Lot details
Number of Books
History, Illustrated
Author/ Illustrator
Jan Wagenaar
Book Title
Vaderlandsche historie, vervattende de geschiedenissen der nu Vereenigde Nederlanden
Publication year oldest item
Original language
P. Schouten, S. and J. Luchtmans e.a.
Binding/ Material
Half leather
Number of pages
22×14 cm
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