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Vincenzo Irolli (1860 - 1949) - Ritratto di Rachele Pisani Pellegrino

Vincenzo Irolli
(Naples, 1860–1949)
Ritratto di Rachele Pisani Pellegrino
Oil on canvas, 90 x 60 cm
signed 'V. IROLLI' at the bottom right


Notes: Publication in the catalogue of works from the Intermidiart collection. Signed work. With certificate of warranty and lawful origin. Artwork without frame.

“ …. Interesting oil painting on canvas of good quality, depicting the portrait of Rachele Pisani Pellegrino. This is a famous artwork by the well-known artist, active in the late 19th and early 20th century, Vincenzo Irolli (Naples, 1860 – 1949)..
Vincenzo Irolli was one of the most important Italian painters of the nineteenth century. Born in Naples in 1860, he approached the world of painting in his early teens. He enrolled at a very young age at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, where he was trained by masters such as Gioacchino Toma and Federico Maldarelli, who taught him the rudiments of painting and to whom he immediately revealed his great talent as an artist. In 1879 he won first prize at the XV Exhibition of the Promotrice Salvator Rosa, which brought him considerable success and quickly increased his fame as a painter and artist. He spent his early years in his father's house in Calvizzano, frequently travelling to Naples to visit the art dealer Ragozzini, who managed the distribution of his works. In the years between 1883 and 1895, Irolli went through a period of severe economic hardship that forced him to work very hard on the commercial rather than the artistic side. The works produced during this period were sold to a paint dealer in Naples, who had them copied by needy painters with less talent so that they could be resold again to the masses. Irolli's profoundly verist painting has always focused on scenes of everyday life, whose protagonists - children and commoners - animate his paintings with their simplicity and expressiveness. In his paintings, the animated fervour of popular life is translated through a painting made of dazzling lights and iridescent reflections. His traditionalist streak was not always appreciated by the critics of the time, who were much keener on modern painting in line with the period. Despite the fact that the critics trashed his painting, Irolli managed to take part in the Venice Biennale, once again confirming his popularity even though he was in his 60s. His art was much loved in Europe, especially in Germany. Many of his works are now exhibited in the Gallerie d'Arte Moderna in Milan, Palermo and Turin. He joined the Circolo Artistico Politecnico in Naples in 1890 and remained a member until 1920. In addition to his innate artistic gifts, Irolli was a creative and brilliant intellectual, which earned him friendships with figures such as Ferdinando Russo and Salvatore di Giacomo. He died in 1949 in Naples.
The painting is stylistically characterized by a deep intensity of expression that, alongside the meditative romantic character, is not without Symbolist reminiscences, and comes with a point of view quite typical in its setting, through the fusion of colour masses - with fast, vibrant brushstrokes - which create a visual solidity that is rarely seen in early 19th-century Italian painting. The painting is influenced by Romanticism and Impressionism, but also declined with an entirely subjective pleasure for the past that recalls the works of the 18th-century Neapolitan school. To increase this feeling of rapidity of impression, the artist uses the Impressionist technique, based on his perception of reality and not on the expression of his concept.
As for its condition, the artwork is in fairly good overall condition considering its age, the paint surface shows a dirty paint, caused by ageing, which confirms the age of the work (see pictures). The pictorial palette used to create the painting is compatible with the painter's style in both its execution and colour range. The signature analysed under the Wood lamp is integrated into the pictorial context and is therefore contemporary to the painting and authentic. The painting has no colour drops or loosening of the canvas from the stretcher. Through the magnifying glass, moreover, one can visually perceive all the thickness of the pigments and certain characteristics of the pictorial layer, compatible with the painting of that time. The painting is sold unframed, although in the photos it appears to be framed in a gilded wooden frame dating from the 19th century (?) (with flaws).

Origin: private collection.

 Unpublished;
 I Miti e il Territorio nella Sicilia dalle mille culture. “INEDITA QUADRERIA” general catalogue of the paintings in the collection of the series “I Miti e il territorio”, 2nd edition, Editore Lab_04, Marsala, 2022.

The buyer can request the purchase of the frame (as shown in the photo). The frame is offered at €500.00 (it has minor flaws).
We guarantee accurate packaging with outer wooden crate and inner bubble wrap / cardboard / polystyrene (packaging cost: approximately €120.00) and tracked shipping (€130.00 Italy). For export, the work is subject to a request for Certificate of Free Circulation (European Community) or Export Certificate (Extra-EU Transport) at the export office (Territorial Superintendency) with additional times and costs (€350/€900, all inclusive: shipping, packaging and export documents).
The original documents (including the catalogue, will be sent separately after receiving payment from Catawiki).
Shipping may be delayed by a some days or weeks due to logistical and administrative procedures.

Object Painting
Artist Vincenzo Irolli (1860 - 1949)
Title of artwork Ritratto di Rachele Pisani Pellegrino
Period 1900-1909
Technique oil on canvas, cm. 90 x 60, Oil on canvas
Signature Signed 'V. Irolli 'at the bottom right, Hand signed
Edition Opera Museale senza cornice
Condition Fair condition
Total dimensions 100×12×70 cm
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