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Campania, Cales. Æ circa 265-240 BC - rare

CAMPANIA, Cales. Circa 265-240 BC. Æ.
Obv: Laureate head of Apollo left; oinochoe to right.
Rev: Man-headed bull standing right, head facing; kithara above, Γ below; CALENO in exergue.
Ref: HN Italy 436; Graziano 80 (kantharos) or 84 (oinochoe).
7,08 gr. 20,50 mm
Rare: only four specimens listed by Graziano (2 examples for 80 and 2 examples for 84). Wonderful olive-green patina. Areas of corrosion. Good VF.

Culture/region Campania, Cales
Metal Æ
Year/Period and Variation circa 265-240 BC - rare
Condition Ungraded