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Roman Republic (Imperatorial). Cnaeus Pompey Magnus. AR Denarius, Mint in Greece, 49-48 BC - Terentius VARRO•PRO•Questor

The Republicans. Cnaeus Pompey Magnus (Pompey the Great). AR Denarius. Mint in Greece, 49-48 BC. Uncertain Greek mint. Terentius Varro, pro quaestor. Diademed terminal bust of Jupiter to right; VARRO•PRO•Q downwards around / Sceptre between dolphin and eagle; MAGN•PRO COS in two lines in exergue. Crawford 447/1a; BMCRR Spain 64; CRI 8; Sydenham 1033; RSC 3. 3.95 g, 19 mm.
Rare and historical piece. Included seller's tckket.

See images for a proper impression.
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Culture/region Roman Republic (Imperatorial)
Ruler/era Cnaeus Pompey Magnus
Metal AR
Denomination Denarius
Year/Period and Variation Mint in Greece, 49-48 BC - Terentius VARRO•PRO•Questor
Condition Ungraded