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Byzantine Empire. Justinian I (AD 527-565). Gold Solidus, Constantinople mint 545-565 A.D. - 6th Officina (S) -

Grade: EF/EF+
Material: Gold
Weight: 4.37 g
Diameter: 20.00 mm
Ref.: MIBE 7; DOC 9f.2; Sear 140

Obverse: D N IVSTINIANVS P P AVC, helmeted and cuirassed bust facing, holding globus cruciger and shield decorated with horseman motif

Reverse: VICTORIA AVCCC S, angel standing facing, holding long staff surmounted by staurogram and globus cruciger; star in right field, CONOB in exergue

Culture/region Byzantine Empire
Ruler/era Justinian I (AD 527-565)
Metal Gold
Denomination Solidus
Year/Period and Variation Constantinople mint 545-565 A.D. - 6th Officina (S) -
Condition EF/EF+