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Italy, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies - Reali Finanze - 100 Franc - 1860 Assedio di Gaeta

Signature of Carbonelli Minister of Finance of King Francis II of Bourbon on the financial document called "Reali Finanze" n. serial number 49610 - 100 Francs capital 100 Five Francs annual income - Issued for the siege of Gaeta in 1860. Scripopass certificate of authentication n. B12267 dated 08/04/2022

This document marks the last financial issue before unification with the Kingdom of Italy.

- Delivered with booklet (as attached photos) on the history of the siege e
the story of the decree of King Francis II.

In 1860 the last public loan of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies was issued in Gaeta. On 10 October 1860, the Royal Finances of King Francis II issued a Loan of Five Million Ducats, to seek funds to support the expenses for the defense of the Kingdom. He was forced to issue government bonds that would allow him to withstand the devastating Piedmontese siege. Remembering the public debt, yesterday as today, is a completely natural fact for a sovereign state. But when it comes to official documents issued from Gaeta, by King Francis II in the months of the siege, everything changes. Elements like this represent an important piece to retrace one of the most recounted war pages of the Risorgimento, yet still ready today to be talked about for new discoveries. On 20 October, the pledge was issued on notes with coupons in francs, which at that historical juncture was more marketable and solid, for sale abroad. The 5 million ducats, about 21 million francs, were difficult to place at the time, given the current war situation.

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Country Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Italy
Quantity x nominal value Reali Finanze - 100
Denomination Franc
Date - 1860 Assedio di Gaeta
Grade (Certified notes) Ungraded
Certification number Scripopass n. B12267