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Greece. Lot of 4 pieces, Arpi/ Teate / Suessa Aurunca

Greek world. Lot of 4 pieces

- Apulia, Arpi (About 325-250 BC). AE 21 mm. O/ head of Zeus left. R/ Boar right, spear above. 6.71 g. HN Italy 642. Green patina

- Apulia, Arpi (About 325-275 BC). AE 15 mm. O/ Head of Athena right. R/ APΠANOY. Bunch of grapes. 4.13 g. SNG ANS 646. Green patina

- Apulia, Teate. Approx. 217 BC Uncia. AE. O/ Head of Athena right. R/ TIATI. Owl standing right. HN (Italy) 702d. Weight 4.10 g. Diameter 17.25 mm.

- Campania, Suessa Aurunca.. AE, 265-240 BC. O/ Laureate head of Apollo left. R/ SVESANO, androcephalic bull standing right. Nike in flight crowning him. 6.23 g. 18.9 x 20.1 mm.

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Culture/region Greece
Denomination Lot of 4 pieces
Year/Period and Variation Arpi/ Teate / Suessa Aurunca
Condition Ungraded