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British Hong Kong. Victoria (1842-1901). 1 Mil 1863 VR Bronze (1863-1865) KM# 1

British Hong Kong. 1 Mil 1863 VR Bronze (1863-1865) Queen Victoria (1842-1901) KM# 1
The first coinage of Hong Kong 1863 One Mil
Victoria time, Hong Kong / British
香港 維多利亞時代
1863年 一文 銅幣

Actual dimensions:
diameter: 15.53 mm,
thickness: 0.86 mm,
weight: 1 gram.

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Country/province British Hong Kong
Ruler Victoria (1842-1901)
Denomination 1 Mil
Year/Period and Variation 1863 VR Bronze (1863-1865) KM# 1
Condition Ungraded