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China. Lot comprising 14 coins. ND (1-17th centuries) various years and periods

Lot of 14 Various Cash Coins, up to the Ming dynasty (1-17th centuries) incl.:

- 9 × AE Cash, Song dynasty, Yuan Feng Tong Bao 元豐通寶; Yuan fu 嘉祐; Huangsong 聖宋; Shao Sheng 紹聖; Zhenhe 政和; Jiayou 嘉祐, Yuanyou 元祐, Jingyou 景祐, daguang 大觀通寶
- 2 x AE 2 cash Shaoxi Yuanbao 紹熙元寶, Shensong Yuanbao 聖宋元寶
- 3 Cash Qingyuan Tongbao 慶元通寶, iron coin.
- Ming dynasty (1628) Chongzhen Tongbao 崇禎通寶 25.8mm 4.0g
- AE Huoquan 14 AD 貨泉. 23.2mm 3.5g

total: 14 coins

Please have a look at the photos for your own impression. Will be sent by registered mail. Due to the customs, about 2-4 weeks to reach Europe.

Country/province China
Denomination Lot comprising 14 coins.
Year/Period and Variation ND (1-17th centuries) various years and periods
Condition Ungraded