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Byzantine Empire. Tiberius III Apsimar (AD 698-705). Gold Solidus, Constantinople mint - 2nd officina (B) -

Grade: EF struck from somewhat worn obverse die
Material: Gold
Weight: 4.48 g
Diameter: 18.00 mm
Ref.: DOC 1b; MIB 1; SB 1360

Obverse: D TIbЄRIЧS PЄ AV, crowned cuirassed bust facing. Spear in right hand held diagonally in front of chest; shield with horseman device on left shoulder

Reverse: VICTORIA – AVSЧ B, cross potent on three steps, CONOB below


Culture/region Byzantine Empire
Ruler/era Tiberius III Apsimar (AD 698-705)
Metal Gold
Denomination Solidus
Year/Period and Variation Constantinople mint - 2nd officina (B) -
Condition EF struck from somewhat worn obverse die